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We are offering to provide high quality functional food ingredients, exceptional service and advanced technology to our customers. Through careful management and exacting product standards, we create consistent products and long-term relationships in the Eurasia. Through its dedicated team in Turkey, Almina brings over then 20 years experience and colorful innovation to improve your business. Our priority is supporting to reach your company goals. We welcome to meet with our technologies and market expertise. During our cooperation, it's going to be opportunity for dealing one point of contact and executive oversight. Our motto; Almina exceptional support starts with first access of our customers and never stop during relationship. Since 20 years; • Building a large distribution network around in Eurasia such as Iraq-Syria-Jordan-Yemen-Kenya-Nigeria-U.A.E – K.S.A –Lebanon-Palestine-Egypt-Iran. • Our sales figure indicate yearly %10 increasing with growing penetration into existing accounts and gaining new accounts in niche verticals • Formulated various new product lines and conducted the relevant laboratory experiments to challenge for our customer requirements • Besides EU Codex, our products meet local regulation requests according to special projects in the region

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Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, Kenya, Nigeria, U.A.E., K.S.A, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Iran

Confectionery, Ice Cream, Hot Chocolate, Ice Creams, Confectioneries, Food Ingredients, Food Ingredient, Ice-Cream, Icecream, Frappe, Cake Ornaments, Cake Ornament, Frozen Yoghurt, Milk Shake, Functional Food Ingredients, Icecreams, Ice-Creams, Soft Ice Creams, Ice Slushes, Milk Shakes, Frozen Yoghurts, Frozen Yogurts, Pastry Confectioneries, Flavoured Ices, Slush Ices, Hot Chocolates, Frozen Coffee Powders, Frappes, Functional Food Ingredient, Soft Ice Cream, Ice Slush, Frozen Yogurt, Pastry Confectionery, Flavoured Ice, Slush Ice, Frozen Coffee Powder

Tax Office: Pendik  Tax Number: 10550455033  Staff Count: 1-5  Export Specialist: Murat İNETAŞ